Jun 23, 2022

🎥 Marshall opposes fed control over cattle markets in livestock bill

Posted Jun 23, 2022 3:00 PM

Washington— U.S. Senators Roger Marshall and Tommy Tuberville (AL) expressed their opposition to expanding the federal government’s control over U.S. cattle markets by offering an amendment to strike market quotas for fed cattle from the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act of 2022. The amendment was offered during a hearing in the Senate Ag Wednesday, according to a statement from Marshall's office.

When offering his amendment, Senator Marshall said, in part,

“Transparency is the nectar of free enterprise and capitalism without competition creates opportunities for exploitation…I understand the frustrations of the Senators who authored and support this bill but, a market mandate is the wrong approach…It could cost cattle producers anywhere from $23 million to $249 million each year and 90% of those costs appear to be borne by cattlemen in Kansas and the Southern Plains States…While this is an attempt to regulate the packer, the result is actually additional regulation of the cattle producer. This will give the packer all the leverage to decide who gets the good deal and who gets the bad deal.”

Although Senator Marshall withdrew his amendment, he intends to re-offer it if the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act reaches the Senate Floor for the full chamber’s consideration.

Click HERE to read the text of Senator Marshall’s amendment.