Mar 23, 2023

Sheriff: 5,354 fentanyl pills found in PVC pipe in rural Kansas

Posted Mar 23, 2023 12:00 AM
photo Montgomery County Sheriff
photo Montgomery County Sheriff

MONTGOMERY COUNTY —Law enforcement authorities are investigating a large quantity of fentanyl pills found in rural Kansas.

On Wednesday, Montgomery County Sheriff Ron Wade reported sheriff's detectives were informed earlier this month that an individual located a PVC pipe full of blue pills at their place of work in the Coffeyville, Kansas area.

Detectives contacted the individual and made arrangements to take custody of the PVC pipe containing the blue pills. After careful examination, detectives determined the pills to be fentanyl. These pills are commonly referred to as “Dirty-Thirty” pills. These pills are made to look like oxycodone pills. Detectives, along with Kansas Bureau of Investigations counted a total of 5,354 fentanyl pills.

The rough street value of these pills is estimated at $321,240.00. Further testing will be conducted on the fentanyl pills. Sheriff  Wade said, “I want to thank the individual that located this PVC pipe laying on the ground, and calling the Sheriff’s Office. This individual probably saved multiple lives and definitely hurt someone’s illegal business.”

Wade said, “We have roughly 31,000 citizens in Montgomery County. We just took possession of 5,354 fentanyl pills, which potentially could have killed almost 18% of our population in Montgomery County, if it had ended up in the wrong hands.” Wade said,