Feb 16, 2021

Worst of the cold has passed, relief on the way per National Weather Service

Posted Feb 16, 2021 7:31 PM


St. Joseph Post

After one of the coldest snaps ever across the Midwest and Plains region, temperatures will start to rebound this week and into the weekend.

National Weather Service meteorologist Brad Temeyer from the Pleasant Hill office says low temperatures will likely drop slightly below zero again on Tuesday night and then start to rebound Wednesday.

However, another round of light snow is coming along with that.

"We'll start to see clouds moving in (Tuesday) evening," Temeyer said. "Initially, temperatures could fall back to zero or below across the region. Once those clouds do move in, I would expect conditions to warm slightly, but that comes with additional amounts of precipitation."

The latest round of snow is expected to start after midnight Tuesday night and last through at least noon Wednesday. Accumulations should be light, but a dusting to three inches is possible with higher amounts likely toward Kansas City and areas south of St. Joseph.

"St. Joe will get kind of a glancing blow of this system," Temeyer pointed out, "with higher amounts along the Missouri River and south. Areas to the north (of KC) should see, generally, around an inch or so."

Temeyer says the snow that's already on the ground has helped keep temperatures low, and it will continue to do so over the next couple of days, though highs by Friday should be in the upper 20s, with 30s expected this weekend and low-to-mid 40s by early next week.

But until then, lows will still be pretty cold. Lows on Wednesday and Thursday night should be anywhere from single digits below or above zero.

"Lows are still going to be extremely cold overnight the next few nights," Temeyer said. "Once we get that warmer air mass into the region, then we're looking at conditions improving. So by Friday or Friday night is when we'll start to see a significant warm up."

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