Feb 13, 2020 2:00 PM

3rd person pleads guilty in death of developmentally disabled Missouri man

Posted Feb 13, 2020 2:00 PM

Anthony Flores photo Callaway County

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A third person has pleaded guilty to federal charges related to the death of a developmentally delayed Missouri man whose body was found encased in concrete.

Anthony R. K. Flores pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to authorities about seeing Carl DeBrodie at a barbecue he hosted in April 2017. Flores' mother, Sherry Paulo, told him to tell authorities DeBrodie was at the party, according to the plea agreement.

DeBrodie's body was found inside a crate at a Fulton storage locker in April 2017, but authorities believe he died in the fall of 2016.

DeBrodie lived at Second Chance Homes in Fulton, which cared for developmentally delayed adults. Paulo, 54, and her husband, Anthony R. Flores, 59, worked with their son at the home.

The elder Flores and Paulo pleaded guilty in November to federal charges of failing to provide medical care for DeBrodie. Paulo also pleaded guilty to health care fraud for trying to hide that DeBrodie had died. They still face state charges related to DeBrodie's death.

Anthony R. K. Flores helped move a "heavy wooden crate" from the Second Chance Homes to the storage unit, according to the plea agreement, which does not indicate if he knew DeBrodie's body was inside the crate.

The younger Flores pleaded guilty in February 2019 to a state charge of making a false report and was sentenced to eight months in prison.

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Feb 13, 2020 2:00 PM
Ex-Kan. prison lab instructor wants sex crime conviction thrown out
Tomas Co photo Texas County

TOPEKA, KAN. (AP) — A former prison dental instructor who was found guilty earlier this month of one count of unlawful sexual relations with an inmate is asking a judge to throw out the conviction.

Tomas Co was convicted on one charge and found not guilty of five other charges alleging he abused female inmates working in the dental lab at the Topeka Correctional Facility.

The conviction was for a woman who said Co touched the inside of her knee and thigh.

In a motion filed Friday, Co's attorney, Chris Joseph, argued that type of touching doesn’t constitute “lewd” touching under state law. The motion also asks Shawnee County District Court Judge Cheryl Rios to acquit Co based on insufficient evidence, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported.

Joseph said he also plans to seek probation for Co, rather than the 31 to 136 months of prison time he is facing.

District Attorney Mike Kagay said his office would file arguments in response to the defense motion.

Inmates in the dental lab complained for five years about alleged sexual harassment and unwanted touching by Co, who was dismissed in December 2018.