Dec 06, 2019 6:07 PM

Missing Missouri woman's phone, shoes found during search

Posted Dec 06, 2019 6:07 PM

RICH HILL, Mo. (AP) — Relatives of a missing Missouri mother say they are growing increasingly concerned after deputies found the woman's phone, backpack and shoes.

Nicole Mallatt's belongings were found Thursday within 100 yards of her home in Bates County, about 70 miles south of Kansas City. Mallatt, 36, went missing two days before Thanksgiving. Her mother, Debbie Lewis, said her daughter had been planning a big meal.

"We're just out here trying to find her and hoping that she's still alive, which doesn't look good after finding all of her things scattered everywhere. She would not do this. It's not Nicole."

Sheriff Chad Anderson said hat the discovery of Mallat's belongings “does not necessarily mean that there is foul play,” although he described it as ‘’suspicious in nature.'' Nearly a dozen agencies are aiding in the search, which has expanded from Mallatt's home to neighboring farms. Authorities have been using cadaver dogs, sonar, dive teams, drones and volunteers.

Anderson also had a message for Mallatt, if she is OK.

“If you have just decided that you are done and you want to start a new life and left on your own free will, I have one question and a favor to ask: That you go to your nearest law enforcement agency, identify yourself, let them confirm you’re who you are, and we can give your family some answers.”

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Dec 06, 2019 6:07 PM
Nude KC killer sentenced for girlfriend's violent murder

Simms photo Clay County

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) — A Kansas City area man has been sentenced to life in prison plus 107 years for killing his girlfriend and is awaiting trial on charges that he strangled a fellow inmate.

Marcus Simms, 36, of Lee's Summit, was sentenced Thursday for first-degree murder, armed criminal action and tampering with a vehicle in the 2014 death of 31-year-old Michele Boldridge.

Police found her body while responding to reports that a bloody, naked man was running around a northern Kansas City apartment complex.

Police say Boldridge died from a snapped neck and had multiple stab wounds, along with a missing eye.

Court records say the naked man, later identified by police as Simms, drove to a school bus parking lot, where a driver told him to go away. But Simms yelled: “You don’t understand. Someone just killed my girlfriend!”

Simms was arrested after driving a stolen minivan off a road, according to prosecutors. In a car parked in the area, police found Simms’ DNA as well as a human eyeball.

Simms is scheduled to be tried in June in the 2017 strangulation death of 26-year-old Brian Parisi, who was killed while jailed in Clay County on a drug charge.