Jul 31, 2020 10:00 AM

Protest outside Missouri Governor's Mansion leads to 8 arrests

Posted Jul 31, 2020 10:00 AM
Protesters outside the Governor's mansion Thursday -photo courtesy KCRG TV
Protesters outside the Governor's mansion Thursday -photo courtesy KCRG TV

Missouri Governor's Mansion during a protest against a recently-passed crime bill.

The arrests began after some of the protesters blocked intersections by lying in the street, and ignored police orders to disperse, police spokesman David Williams said.

KRCG-TV reported the protest was aimed at a crime bill recently signed by Gov. Mike Parson. Those involved said they believed the crime bill is too harsh against people and does not address crime itself.

A video shows some protesters being pepper-sprayed during the arrests.

Following the arrests, demonstrators moved from the Governor’s Mansion to the Capitol where the protest died down.

KRCG reported most of the protesters were from the St. Louis area and police said only one of those arrested was from Jefferson City. The arrests were for unlawful assembly and resisting/interfering with an arrest, police said.


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Police arrested and pepper-sprayed protesters demonstrating Thursday outside the Missouri Governor's Mansion.

The group of St. Louis protesters gathered in the state capital to speak out against a crime bill Gov. Mike Parson signed this month.

The new law ramp up penalties for gun crimes, second-degree murder and gang crimes.

Protesters on Thursday said it's too tough on individual but not tough on crime itself.

The protesters blocked the driveway of the Governor’s Mansion, then laid down in the street in front of the mansion.

Police told protesters they would be arrested if they didn’t get out of the street, the television station reported. Law enforcement officers then began arresting people. Video shows several people were pepper-sprayed.