Oct 21, 2021

New look and fun events look to draw more people to the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art

Posted Oct 21, 2021 5:37 PM
A new sculpture created by Gowers Brent Collins adorns the front yard of the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art, along its new driveway/ Photo by Matt Pike
A new sculpture created by Gowers Brent Collins adorns the front yard of the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art, along its new driveway/ Photo by Matt Pike


St. Joseph Post

The Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art will be holding fun events here at the end of the year looking to draw more people in.

Jill Carlson with the museum says the first event will be to show off a brand new driveway the museum added on the west side of the property, a ribbon cutting will be held on Friday.

With the new driveway also comes a new sculpture outside of the museum, one that Carlson says really makes a statement about what the building is as people look at it from the outside.

"I think it really says to people on the street this is an art museum, this is much more visible a reminder that we're not just a historic home on Frederick, we're not just another house, we are a museum, we're an art museum as well," Carlson tells Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline. "We're the only art museum in St. Joseph and really in northwest Missouri."

Carlson says the statue, designed by Brent Collins of Gower, reminds her of a double helix sits in the front yard of the museum.

You can find more information about the Albrecht Kemper Museum and upcoming events at the link with this story on stjosephpost.com

The museum of Art is holding fun events over the next few weeks, including one coming up on Monday

Carlson says the annual witches tea is a fun Halloween time event held by the museum, but what exactly is a witches tea?

"It is a fundraiser for the museum and also an extremely fun themed, sort of Halloween themed, event," Carlson says enthusiastically.

The event will include a gourmet meal as well as many fun activities, including specialty vendors in the "Boo-tique".

Eric Fuson also with the museum says this is an especially fun event if you like getting dressed up.

"These are they type of thing that if you ever go to an event and you wish everybody dressed up, that's what happens here, if you don't at least a witches hat on you're the odd one out that's for sure," Fuson says.

The Christmas season, as much as some may not want to admit, is getting evercloser, and the museum is also prepared to help celebrate that.

The long lasting annual Sugarplum Festival is back again this year in the second week of November at the museum.

Fuson says that there is just something magical about the museum building around the holiday time that has helped make the event so long lasting. 

"I think a lot of it has to do with the place that it's in, it's a magic place, and it transforms completely," Fuson explains to Birr. "We take down all the art work so it really just transforms into Christmas and that holiday season, which it's just noticeable, you know, you really walk in and wham it's a different place and it is magic, it really is."

The Sugarplum festival features many specialty crafts, local small businesses as well as live music performances and will run November 11-13th.

You can find out more information about this years Sugarplum festival HERE, as well as information about other events at the museum, including the witches tea, HERE