Apr 05, 2021 4:36 PM

St. Joseph businesses looking for workers

Posted Apr 05, 2021 4:36 PM


St. Joseph Post

There is a national workforce shortage and St. Joseph is noticing it.

Director of Work Force Development for the St. Joseph Chamber of commerce Kristie Arthur says there are many help wanted signs around town.

"I just would encourage people that if they are high school or college-age to look for those opportunities and take advantage of what a great job market we have right now," Arthur tells St. Joseph Post. "When you see job openings that means places are getting busy and restaurants are opening back up."

Arthur says there just aren't enough people to fill the job needs of St. Joseph.

"Baby Boomers are aging out. Gen X is not that far behind them," says Arthur. "The population in the Millenial and Zillenial group is just not as large as it was."

Arthur says St. Joseph is probably one of the highest paying communities in Missouri.

"We are the third-largest exporter as well so if you want to make a nice living in St. Joseph there is plenty of opportunity and I would recommend to anyone to check out some of those job openings."