Jun 22, 2022

Allied Arts Council is asking for donors as Arts Fund drive nears end

Posted Jun 22, 2022 3:18 PM


St. Joseph Post 

As its fundraising drive nears its end the Allied Arts Council is hopeful it will reach its fundraising goal.  

Allied Arts Council Executive Director Teresa Fankhauser says the council is currently about $45,000 short of its goal, which is why she put out a call for donors.  

"We want people to know that we are short and ask that they contribute if they haven't or if they're capable of contributing a little bit more this year to help us reach that goal of $245,000," Fankhauser tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. "It would really benefit all of the arts organizations that take advantage of the grants that they receive from this money." 

Fankhauser says the Arts fund allocates fund to seven different organizations, such as Robidoux Resident Theatre and the St. Joseph Symphony. 

Fankhauser remains optimistic though the goal will be reached, saying it's rare to see the goal not be reached.  

"There have been years, I think I was just looking at our history, and I think it was in around 2004, maybe 2006, I can't recall, that's the last time we didn't make goal," Fankhauser says. 

The Allied Arts Councils goal for the arts fund is $245,000.  Donations will be collected through June 30th.  

Fankhauser says it's normal for fundraising efforts to run into June. 

"Our official campaign is a two-month window, which is a very short window in which to raise money, so anyways we just keep working and plugging away until June 30th, or through June 30th, with the goal of reaching our goal," Fankhauser explains. 

The official campaign ended April 30th.  Donations to the Arts Fund will be taken through June 30th.