Jul 23, 2021 4:02 PM

Prosecutor declines to file criminal charges in St. Joseph shooting death

Posted Jul 23, 2021 4:02 PM


St. Joseph Post

Buchanan County Prosecutor Ron Holliday will not file criminal charges in the death of Mark Applegarth, found with a fatal wound in his home last year.

Applegarth’s wife, 62-year-old Dawn Applegarth, admitted to police officers she shot her husband.

Holliday, in a statement released by his office, says he determined the killing was legally justified, because Mark Applegarth, 60, had verbally and physically abused his wife prior to the shooting. Holliday says Dawn Applegarth feared she would be hurt or even killed by her husband.

St. Joseph police found Applegarth suffering from a gunshot wound in the couple’s home at 2400 block of 3rd Street May 7th.

Holliday says he thoroughly reviewed the evidence and discussed the case with law enforcement. He says he also met with family members. Holliday says evidence, including photographs, confirmed Dawn Applegarth had been beaten by her husband and was in fear for her life.

Holliday says his office prosecuted Mark Applegarth for domestic abuse of Dawn Applegarth earlier. The prosecutor adds toxicology screening conducted during the autopsy revealed Mark Applegarth had methamphetamine and marijuana in his blood at the time of the shooting.

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