Aug 03, 2022

St. Joseph School District supporters overwhelmingly approve tax levy extension

Posted Aug 03, 2022 2:59 AM
David Foster speaks to supporters at the St. Joseph School Board election watch party/ Photo by Matt Pike
David Foster speaks to supporters at the St. Joseph School Board election watch party/ Photo by Matt Pike


St. Joseph Post 

A measure from the St. Joseph School Board to help increase teacher pay passed by a large margin in Tuesday's primary election.  

The measure, which will also help with heating and cooling upgrades as well as maintenance costs, passed 71% to 29%. 

School Board President David Foster says he would have been happy to just see the measure pass, but he was tremendously excited to see it win by such a large margin 

"To see us win pretty much every precinct means that our town is not as divided as some people say we are, we all want the same things," Foster tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. "And so, when we really came together, and that's what it took we had to come together on this campaign it wasn't a one man show, but we did that and that shows that we can do it in the future." 

The passing of the measure will extend the schools tax levy for six years.  

District Superintendent Gabe Edgar says he always tells his people there are great opportunities in St. Joseph and thanks voters for coming out and standing behind the district.  

"We've been in some clouds that have been a little gray and so at the end of the day when those clouds are gray and the sunshine comes out, I think the one thing I would tell this community is I appreciate it 100% and we're going to do good things," Edgar says. 

Edgar says he was confident the measure would pass but he never thought it would win by such a large margin.  

Edgar says now that the measure has passed the district can move onto bigger issues such as prioritizing attendance, discipline and communication. 

Foster says he was also confident the measure would pass, but stayed well aware that nothing is for certain.  

"If it would have passed by 55% again, I would have been happy, but I think I'll be able to sleep tonight knowing that it didn't just barely pass, I think it passed by a large majority, and that makes me feel good because it feels like the people that we represent are really behind us," Foster says. 

Foster says now that the measure has passed and the school board knows the money is there, they'll be able to move onto other issues that the school district faces.