Nov 13, 2020 6:40 PM

New book details history of the Kansas City Chiefs; Book signing Saturday in St. Joseph

Posted Nov 13, 2020 6:40 PM

Chiefs fans might be interested in a new book.

Author David Smale has written about the history of the Kansas City Chiefs.

One of the many stories he tells, details the differences between current Chiefs president and owner Clark Hunt, and his father Lamar.

"Not that Lamar was not approachable" says Smale "But Clark just seems more like an average guy and a little easier to call him Clark then it was to call Lamar, Lamar."

Smale's new book titled The Keys to the Kingdom details the history of the Kansas City Chiefs.

"It's basically a series of short features on the people and the events that have shaped the franchise's history" Smale says "Going all the way back to the founding of the franchise and going back to the founding of the AFL by Lamar Hunt and it covers moving to Kansas City in 1963."

Smale adds that the book touches on the tremendous success of the team in the AFL going all the way up to this past season’s Super Bowl win

Smale will be in St. Joseph on Saturday signing copies of his book at Pony Express Sports at the East Hills Mall. Copies of the book will be available the day of the signing

If you are interested in the Chiefs and can't make it to the signing, Smale also has copies of the book available to purchase on his website HERE