May 03, 2024

Norborne Soybean Festival among America's best festivals

Posted May 03, 2024 4:40 PM


St. Joseph Post

Festival season will soon be in full swing, and one Missouri town is in line as one of the top hometown festivals in America. The Soybean Festival in Norborne, Missouri finds itself as one of three finalist out of more than 500 entries in the Hometown Throwdown contest put forth by Cenex.

Festival spokesperson, Kyle Durham, says "It really is an entire community effort. From the humble farmer or banker or teacher that gives of their time freely to help put on the festival, because it is a year-round planning process. It's the businesses not only in Norborne but in the greater area that have been so generous with their contributions that allow us to not only survive but thrive in this post covid era."

Norborne's Soybean Festival is more than four decades running and takes place this year August 1st-4th. The other two finalist for the $100,000 prize are The Fall Festival in Roseau, Minnesota and The Musky Festival in Hayward, Wisconsin. You can cast your support with a vote click HERE to go to the website at