Sep 09, 2021 2:41 PM

Axne secures one billion in biofuel infrastructure funding

Posted Sep 09, 2021 2:41 PM

Iowa Representative Cindy Axne announced she secured one billion dollars in funding for biofuels infrastructure spending in the House’s first draft of the Build Back Better Act. The goal of the funding is to support the expanded availability and use of renewable fuels.

She says it’s a great thing for rural communities, the ag economy, the planet, and for hundreds of thousands of Americans whose jobs will be supported by the investment. “Make no mistake, this was no easy fight,” Axne says. “For months, I’ve been helping teach others in D.C. about some of the key advantages of biofuels, including the fact that it’s been proven to be twice as clean as fossil fuels.”

The Iowa representative says while she won’t announce her final decision on whether she’ll support the package until she sees the full bill, seeing the investments included in the legislation will be a critical part of her choice.

House committees are beginning to consider their sections of the Build Back Better Act, which tackles a range of issues like infrastructure, health care, education, and climate. Included in the initial draft is $1 billion in funding for the USDA to provide grants over the next eight years to expand biofuel infrastructure.