Jul 20, 2021 3:00 PM

Sister of Solace helps women get back on their feet

Posted Jul 20, 2021 3:00 PM


St. Joseph Post 

Sisters of Solace is a St. Joseph local home for women healing from trauma and addiction.  

Sisters of Solace Director Stacy Kerns says employment is a very important step towards dignity.  

“We’re all created with gifts and talents to offer the world and so working goes a long way to restoring dignity and a lot of our ladies have never been treated with dignity ever in their lives and so they have that opportunity here, to make a contribution to the world and do something they can really be proud of,” Kerns tells reporters.  

Head Sister, Stephanie Robertson says she’s ecstatic to be at the house.  

“When you come from something like I have, and not feeling important,” says Robertson. “Now I feel like I am somebody. This place makes you feel like you’re somebody.”  

Robertson says there’s more to the house then just shelter and candle making.  

“The responsibility is just phenomenal. Teaching you new skills how to live every day and how to get up at eight o’clock and be back by five,” says Robertson. “Teaching you to work if you’ve never done it before.”  

To learn more about Sisters of Solace or to purchase one of their candles and products, visit their website. You can also host or attend one of their parties to purchase products and hear more about their mission.