Jun 23, 2022

New St. Joseph Crime Prevention Officer working to educate the public

Posted Jun 23, 2022 11:00 AM


St. Joseph Post

The St. Joseph Police Departments new Crime Prevention Officer is working hard to fill the shoes of his predecessor.

Seargent Matt Kneib took over as Crime Prevention Officer when Roy Hoskins retired from the department. Kneib says taking over for Hoskins is some big shoes to fill.

Kneib says one of his biggest jobs as Crime Prevention Officer is working to educate the public.

"Then also, looking at our plan of action to try to help the public to deter crimes from occurring," Kneib tells KFEQ Hotline host Barry Birr.

Kneib says he works with individuals in the public as well as business owners.

"Doing surveys of their business, how it's laid out, some ideas of conformity to better secure their buildings, and ways to make it safer," Kneib explains.

Kneib says for one of these surveys you can contact his office or you contact the police station.

Kneib says one way he works to educate people is with the Cops Care Youth Camp next month.

The camp has been around for nearly 10 years and Kneib says one of his big roles is helping to organize the event.

"It's a week-long event at the Rec Center, we have almost 40 kids signed up for it ages nine to twelve, and that group gets to come to the Rec Center and gets to interact with the school resource officers and other volunteers," Kneib says.

38 kids enrolled in the youth camp this year for the week-long event Kneib says.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic Kneib is seeing new life in the city's neighborhood watch program as well

Kneib says now that concerns about the pandemic have slowed, he is starting to see more interest in being a part of the neighborhood watch.

"We have the south side group and a north end group that meet regularly on a monthly basis," Kneib points out. "But then there's other organizations and areas that are trying to get things started again."

And if your neighborhood doesn't have a program, Kneib says you can contact him to figure out how to get one up and going.

"Kind of have like a starter pack style idea where it will give them information and suggestions of how to form it and how to keep it going," Kneib explains.

Kneib says in the neighborhoods that do have a program running he's seen great relationships between neighbors and the police.

You can call Seargent Kneib in his office at 816 236 1473 if you are interested in forming a neighborhood watch group.