May 25, 2023

Gregg Lynn's Radio-A-Thon for Camp Quality is today

Posted May 25, 2023 10:55 AM


St. Joseph Post 

A local radio host will be out on location today, helping raise money for a summer camp that helps kids with cancer have a normal summer experience. 

JoeTown 107.5's Gregg Lynn has been hosing an annual RadioAThon for 19 years, only not being on location one year during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Lynn says he was introduced to the camp during a media day, and after feeling the infectious spirit of the kids and counselors, he wondered how he could help. 

"And of course, money helps, it costs I think it's up to about $1,500 per camper now to send them to camp, that's the cost between running the campground and insurance and all the costs of camp," Lynn tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. "So, every little bit we can raise, if we can send 10 kids, if we can pay for 15 kids, then that's just super." 

The first RadioAThon was hosted in 2005, raising $10,700 in 12 hours. 

Lynn says the money raised will help with things like food and drinks, but also many of the activities the kids will get to do while at camp.  

"There's crafts and things for the kids to do, they have a hair salon for the kids where they can come and do that sort of thing, they put on a prom and bring in a DJ, they have things like bounce houses and things like that," Lynn explains. "They also occasionally will take a trip, they might go into a Mustangs game or something, and a lot of this money just helps for things like that." 

Throughout its history, $325,000 has been raised to support the camp.  

Lynn says the community is always highly supportive of the RadioAThon, coming out to donate.  

"There are many, many individuals and businesses that come every single year and make pretty sizeable donations on this day and it's just amazing," Lynn says. "And some of them I kind of forget about them until I see them again the next year and I'm like oh my gosh I've seen you now for 20 years, every year, coming out and writing a check and helping us out." 

Lynn will be on site at Sav-On Furniture Mart until 5pm.  Donations can be made in person or online at JoeTown 1075 dot com.