Aug 05, 2020 5:22 PM

Puett says he plans to continue working hard for the community after reelection

Posted Aug 05, 2020 5:22 PM


St. Joseph Post

Buchanan County Sheriff Bill Puett has, in effect, won re-election in the Republican primary.

“It’s a great validation of the work that we’re doing for the community,” Puett tells St. Joseph Post. “It’s great when the community provides overwhelming support… that’s an outstanding feeling for the 100 plus men and women of the sheriff’s office serving the community.”

Puett's challenger, St. Joseph Police Sergeant Keith Dudley, says he feels good about his first time running for office.

"Had a lot of things going against me, you had the COVID, you had the flooding, you had civil unrest going on in the country," Dudley says. "There wasn’t a lot of opportunities for a lot of fundraising, but I did have a lot of great people supporting me. Not too bad against an incumbent."

Puett says campaigning during a pandemic was a different experience. 

"It really has had an impact on being able to actually reach and contact people,” Puett says. “Not a lot of events, most of them were cancelled so it was really an odd year for candidates."

Puett says he plans to continue to work hard for the community and make it a better and safer place.

"We’re going to continue to engage with the community, listen to what their needs are and wants are and continue to try to do things better and work harder and continue doing the things we need to do to serve the community and do it with respect."

No Democrat filed for sheriff. Puett faces no opposition this November for his second term.