Feb 08, 2024

Griefshare helping those that lost a loved one get through hard times

Posted Feb 08, 2024 6:16 PM


St. Joseph Post

Losing a loved one is difficult and a local support group aims to help get people through that loss.

Griefshare has entered its 17th year at the Brookdale Presbyterian Church in St. Joseph.

Organizer Deb Lyons says those suffering from loss can come join the group for the 13-week course, and in their time, they don't even have to talk if they don't want.

"If all you can do is cry, they have Kleenex's, a lot of times we just go over and hug the person or just touch their back to let them know we're there," Lyons tells host of the KFEQ Hotline Barry Birr. "A lot of times silence, just sitting with someone, is the best thing."

Lyons says the goal of the 13-week course is to help those suffering from loss find their joy again.

"Cause grief work is very hard to get from point A to W, X, Y, Z, and so our hope is that they will find their joy, because your joy is gone those first however long it takes, and so we want them to find their joy," Lyons explains.

Lyons says another goal of the course is to help people empathize with others that might suffer from losing a loved one throughout their lives.

Griefshare takes place at Brookdale on Thursdays with courses at 10am and at 6pm. Courses are also being held at Restoration Church in St. Joseph on Tuesdays at the same time.

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