Nov 17, 2023

With red kettles out, the Salvation Army is in need of bell ringers

Posted Nov 17, 2023 6:04 PM


St. Joseph Post

You might have already seen those red kettles as you get out and shop, but the St. Joseph Salvation Army is still in need of volunteers to help ring those bells

Major Ron Key says there is a desperate need for volunteers with fewer signing up to volunteer before Thanksgiving than usual. . .

"We notice that several that normally volunteer for us that haven't signed up yet, so I'm guessing that's what most of that is, but yeah we appreciate the ones who can volunteer that's for sure," Key tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post.

Key says the Salvation Army typically sees a spike in people volunteering after Thanksgiving.

"Cause people will remind people hey we're out and give them the opportunity they need to ring the bells," Key explains.

To volunteer for bell ringing, you can contact the Salvation Army offices and ask for LeeAnn Hobson.

Key tries to assure those worried about the time commitment that bell ringing typically doesn’t require that much time.

"We usually just require, especially if it's an individual, two hours," Key says. "If it's a service club or a school or a family, each of them can just take an hour and it turns into several hours, but generally it's just two hours if it's one volunteer."

Bell ringers will be out every day until December 23rd.