May 15, 2024

MSHP urges motorists to watch out for motorcyclists

Posted May 15, 2024 4:00 PM
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Image courtesy of Pixabay


St. Joseph Post

As the summer months arrive, more people will be pulling out their motorcycles to ride in the warm weather.

Seargent Shane Hux, with Troop H of the Missouri Highway Patrol, says last year 175 crashes involving motorcycles resulted in deaths.

Hux says that the increase in fatalities is in large part due to the repeal of the Missouri helmet law.

"Safety is our number one priority and your number one safety device on a motorcycle is your helmet," Hux tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. "So that's why we stress the importance of wearing that, even if you're not required to by law."

In Missouri it is optional for anyone 26 or older that qualifies to wear a helmet when out on their motorcycle.

During May, the Missouri Highway Patrol is promoting awareness of motorcyclists as part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

Hux says as you pull your bike out of storage, be sure to check that everything on it is still operational

"Make sure you check the tires, the brakes, make sure your headlights are working, because as a motorcycle operator you want to make sure you're running your headlight day and night, just to increase your visibility," Hux explains.

"And also make sure your turn signals are working, your brake lamp, make sure everything's in good working order and road worthy before you take it out onto the roadway."

For newer bikers, Hux says when you purchase a motorcycle, make sure it's one that fits you, and that you enroll in a training course to know how to operate it properly.

Hux says drivers are used to being aware of other cars on the roads, but aren't always looking out for motorcycles

"So just take extra time whenever you come up to an intersection, look both ways, look again, and always be aware of motorcycles," Hux says. "Know that they're out there and share the road with them."

Hux also encourages bikers to wear protective and reflective clothing to ensure they are visible to other drivers on the road.

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