Mar 09, 2023

Midwest Attorneys General to sue EPA over delayed E15 rule

Posted Mar 09, 2023 4:50 PM

The Attorneys General from Nebraska and Iowa have notified Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan of their intent to file suit over year-round E15.

The filing comes after the agency delayed rulemaking on year-round E15 sales in eight Midwestern states.

The EPA took over 300 days to issue a proposed rule despite a Clean Air Act requirement to act within 90 days.

Iowa attorney general Brenna Bird says EPA needs to follow the law and make E15 gasoline available year-round. “With record-high gas prices, consumers deserve relief when paying at the pump,” Bird says.

“The EPA’s failure to respond on time not only deprives hard-working people of a cheaper, cleaner option, it’s also a violation of the Clean Air Act.” The EPA approved the rule for year-round E15 sales in those states but delayed implementation until 2024. The attorneys also called on the agency to issue an emergency waiver for 2023.