Aug 02, 2022

Low voter turnout expected as polls open for primary election in Buchanan County

Posted Aug 02, 2022 11:00 AM


St. Joseph Post 

Polling places around St. Joseph are now open for today's primary election.  

Buchanan County Clerk Mary Baack Garvey says based on her research voter turnout is expected to be low 

"What I usually do is I look what happened two years ago, or four even, just to do an average of the turnout and I'm looking at probably a 30% turnout from an average of both the 2020 and 2018 elections," Baack Garvey tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. 

Baack Garvey says she would like to see that number end higher, but unfortunately 

"You know, I don't have the power to get the people out there to vote," she says. 

Baack Garvey says local issues on the ballot could drive more people to come and vote 

"A contested presiding commissioner race that has been quite a good campaign with both of those candidates," Baack Garvey explains. "And of course, anything locally that has to do with our school district, I think that will always help the turnout, it's just getting them out there to vote." 

The Buchanan County Clerk to find your local polling place.  Polls are open until 7pm.