May 11, 2022

Demand for blood doesn't take a summer break

Posted May 11, 2022 10:00 PM


St. Joseph Post 

Just because it's almost summer doesn't mean the need for blood donations stops. 

American Red Cross spokeswoman Angie Springs says as schools are out for summer and families begin to go on vacation, the Red Cross typically sees donations go down.  

"So, although we are able to collect blood year-round, have really pushed to make great strides in encouraging blood donors to come out, now that we see our summer months ahead of us, we really need to think of ways that we can get people to still step out," Springs tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post 

Springs says the current blood supply directly correlates with the demand as life finally starts to return to somewhat normal. 

"We are seeing a lot more demand for blood because elective surgeries are taking place, we're seeing people travel more," she explains. "So, as people are on the roads more, we see an increase in trauma patients due to car accidents, we're seeing people that maybe put off a certain surgery before the pandemic or during the pandemic are now scheduling those." 

Springs says currently the blood supply still doesn't meet the demand for blood with all those factors. 

Demand for blood continues to grow as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and the American Red Cross wants potential donors to know safety is their top priority.  

Springs says the Red Crosses safety measures shifted during the pandemic, pushing the message of how safe it is to give blood. 

"And it is still safe, as safe today to come out, schedule your appointment, roll up your sleeve, and donate blood," Springs says enthusiastically. "I'm a blood donor myself and when I have been at blood drives, I am very comfortable and confident in how safe that it is to come out and donate blood."