Feb 12, 2020 6:56 PM

2nd Harvest kicks off fund drive in ongoing effort to feed the hungry

Posted Feb 12, 2020 6:56 PM


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Second Harvest Community Food Bank kicks off its 2020 fundraising campaign next month as it attempts to feed the nearly 50,000 area residents who too often go to bed hungry.

Michelle Fagerstone with Second Harvest says the food bank distributes food to food pantries, food kitchens, food programs, even after-school programs trying to keep up with the need.

“We are on track to distribute over seven million pounds of food this year and that’s still below what it would take, according to Feeding America, to cover all of the food insecurity within our region,” Fagerstone tells host Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline.

Second Harvest serves 15 counties in northwest Missouri and four counties in northeast Kansas. In addition to helping stock the shelves of local pantries and provide food for those serving the poor, it helps distribute federal food programs.

It is estimated that approximately 47,000 people in this region suffer from food insecurity.

“Food insecurity means that on a regular basis you or a family member or your neighbor or anybody you might know does not consistently receive nutritious food,” according to Fagerstone.

Fagerstone says food insecurity can even come and go. She gives as an example a retired senior citizen who might have plenty of good food at the beginning or the month, but might run out of nutritious meals as the month wears on and the money runs out.

The 2020 Annual Fund Drive Kickoff Luncheon for Second Harvest Community Food Bank will be held March 5th at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, beginning at 11:30am. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to register by February 24th. The cost is $10. The meal is provided by Chef Ralph Filipelli.

Fagerstone says it doesn’t take a lot for Second Harvest to feed a lot of people.

“For each dollar donated to us, we can purchase enough food for up to three meals,” Fagerstone says. “So, in essence, your donation has the ability to be tripled.”

Fagerstone says Triumph Foods and Tyson provide Second Harvest with generous meat donations, helping it to make donations stretch even farther.

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Feb 12, 2020 6:56 PM
High-speed chase in NW MO ends in Marshall with arrest
Suspect taken into custody in Marshall/Photo courtesy of Livingston County Sheriff's Office


St. Joseph Post

A high-speed pursuit ended with the arrest of a suspected violent felon, but not until the chase by law enforcement ran through three counties, ending in Marshall.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports Linn County gave it a heads up yesterday afternoon that deputies there were in pursuit of a driver considered dangerous and likely armed, wanted by Linn County and federal authorities in connection with a recent armed robbery.

Near Wheeling, the suspect sped north of U.S. 36 Highway and nearly hit a Livingston County Sheriff vehicle head-on. The suspect drove onto U.S. 36, heading west.

Livingston County Deputy John Stafford used spike strips to blow out the right front tire of the pickup, but the driver kept going. Seeing additional spike strips deployed, the suspect crossed into on-coming traffic on U.S. 36, driving west in the east bound lanes all the way to Chillicothe, turning off to go the wrong way on U.S. 65 Highway, heading south.

Speeds exceeded 100 miles per hour, according to the sheriff’s office. The right front tire of the fleeing vehicle went flat and shredded off the rim near Carrollton. Carrollton police blocked the entrances to the city as the chase continued south on U.S. 65 into Saline County. Marshall police blocked the entrances to that city as well. Two Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers joined the pursuit, which ended at the south end of Marshall more than an hour after it began. Officers took the suspect into custody.

Authorities say methamphetamine was found scattered on the driver’s seat and throughout the interior of the pickup. The driver had thrown other material from the pickup, according to the sheriff’s office.