Feb 11, 2020 7:23 PM

Cup of Joe celebrates five years of connecting entrepreneurs

Posted Feb 11, 2020 7:23 PM

by Sarah Thomack/St. Joseph Post staff

A group of entrepreneurs will celebrate five years of meeting and sharing ideas.

Cup of Joe started as a way to showcase entrepreneurs in St. Joseph and provide networking opportunities. The weekly meeting has hosted more than 480 entrepreneurs presenters over the past five years. 

Jeremy Eaton of The Jeremy Eaton Yoga has been one of those presenters and says it's helped him with his business.

“I’ve spoken at Cup of Joe three times now and every time I leave with something that I didn’t see before or I pilot an idea that I have, just to get it in front of a group of people and see what the reaction is," Eaton tells host Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline. “Sometimes you get really good suggestions about ways that you don’t normally see or that you’re blind to (when) running the business, so people offer suggestions on how to reach more people or how to bring in more revenue."

Miu Sutton with Card My Yard says Cup of Joe helped her as a new business owner and entrepreneur.

“This has become a group of supporters for me, a group of family, entrepreneurs that support entrepreneurs,” Sutton says. “So if I have any questions or I need to reach out to somebody, I can always come to Cup of Joe and ask them questions, pick their brain.”

To celebrate its five year anniversary, Cup of Joe will bring back some of the presenters from the past year to share an update. Those include Isaac Collins from Serv Nutrition, Bill Becker of MK Minerals, Heidi Klamm of Baked by Heidi, Joe Lane with Joetown Mini Golf, Jessica Estes with AR Workshop and Matt Wieners and Bruce Baker of Axe Factor.

Cup of Joe begins at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesdays at the St. Joseph Public Library by the East Hills Mall. Click here to visit Cup of Joe's website.