Jan 08, 2020 10:54 PM

15th annual Pound Plunge kicks off in St. Joseph

Posted Jan 08, 2020 10:54 PM

by Sarah Thomack

St. Joseph Post

Prizes and a healthier lifestyle are some of the reasons people in the St. Joseph area take part in the K-Jo 105.5 Pound Plunge.

This is the 15th year of the free 8-week wellness and weight loss program through Mosaic Life Care.

Mosaic Community Health Event Coordinator Claire Clark says there are many different reasons people participate in the program.

“You’d think the biggest reason would be the over $15,000 in prizes that we have… but the biggest reason is just kicking off the new year with healthy resolutions," Clark says. "It doesn’t have to be all about weight. Yes, we’re weighing you in, but you can also learn things along the way… and be surrounded by 1,500 people that are doing the same thing and wanting to get healthier and be well.”

Clark says even if you're not participating in the program, sticking with your health goals can be easier with a friend.

“Get some people together, you don’t have to be on a team, but have a few people that can support you, like-minded people,” Clark says. “Also, there’s specials all around to look for… the Y is offering, I believe it’s a week of free classes. You have to find something active that you enjoy doing, otherwise you won’t do it.”

Pound Plunge kick-off registration and weigh-ins end at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. You can still register for the program through Monday, but you won’t be eligible for prizes.

Weigh-ins take place on Tuesday morning or Wednesday evening each week. The final weigh-in is on March 4th.