The Latest: Portion of I-70 closed due to crash in NE Kansas

Posted Aug 13, 2019 8:00 AM

East bound lanes of I-70 were opened just after 6.m. in Topeka, according to Lt. Kelvin Johnson and west bound has opened two lanes of traffic at 6:40 a.m.

The west bound exit at 8th Street still remains closed as KDOT continues to work on the scene.


TOPEKA, Kan. – Law enforcement authorities have closed a portion of Interstate 70 after a crash early Tuesday.

At 2:38a.m., the Topeka Police located a non-injury accident on I-70 at 10th Street affecting both sides of the highway with the loss of heavy equipment from a commercial vehicle, according to Westbound traffic is now closed from SE Adams exit to SE 8th Street.

The inside lane of eastbound traffic is also closed (the two right lanes are open). Westbound I-70 drivers are asked to take the SE Adams exit north to 10th Street west. Then turn north on Madison and enter back onto I70 at 8th Street to continue on westbound on I70.

Eastbound traffic is asked to please proceed slowly by the emergency equipment and clean-up crews. KDOT is being requested for cleanup of heavy equipment that has been spilled onto the highway. At this point it is unknown how long the highway will be closed.

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