May 22, 2023

City officials beginning to explore improvements at Krug Park

Posted May 22, 2023 3:51 PM


St. Joseph Post 

Possible improvements at Krug Park are beginning to be explored by members of the St. Joseph Parks board.  

St. Joseph City Manager Bryan Carter the groundwork is beginning to be lain for potential projects at the park. 

"So, the city has brought on a consulting firm, West 8, that is a criteria consultant that will help define exactly what we'll do with the funding we have for Krug Park and what the improvements up there will look like," Carter tells host of the KFEQ Hotline Barry Birr.  

Carter says stakeholder meetings are being held and eventually public forums will be held as well 

"Have a say in what things will look like and really kind of get the profile of what the improvements at the park will be," Carter says. "Get that set before we move to a design." 

Carter says these public meetings will be very important. 

"With any activity, with any venue, you know you have the people who are at the table for that activity, for that venue, and you know you need to include those but you just can't include those, you have to also touch on the other folks in the community and make sure you don't miss something," Carter explains. "If there's an element that has particular potential up there, we want to make sure we find out about it and we account for it in design and construction." 

Carter says stakeholder meetings were being held all through last week, meeting with a hired consulting firm.  Public meetings will be announced in the future. 

Carter says a criteria consultant isn't used often, but for a project like Krug Park it's important. 

"When you say make improvements to Krug Park that can mean a whole lot of things, particularly when you're talking about even the defined improvements, the improved ADA access to the castle at Krug Park," Carter says. 

Carter says it's very easy to say those words and point out what should be done, but it's harder to define those changes 

"They're going to help define all those details and make sure that we ultimately design and construct what the community wants," Carter says.