Apr 05, 2021 7:04 PM

Missouri State Highway Patrol's Troop H conducting Hazardous Moving Operation Tuesday

Posted Apr 05, 2021 7:04 PM


St. Joseph Post

The Missouri State Highway Patrol's Troop H is conducting a 'Hazardous Moving Operation' in both Andrew and Buchanan counties on Tuesday, as troopers look to crack down on dangerous driving habits in the area.

Jake Angle, the Public Information Officer for Troop H, says, the overall objective of this operation is simple.

"The goal is to target those violations out there on the roadway that contribute to traffic crashes," he said. "An emphasis on those drivers who are operating their motor vehicles in such a manner that it creates a hazard out there on the roadway and then to take enforcement action. Either through the issuance of a citation or a warning."

Angle says officers will enforce all traffic laws, but they continue to see an increase in distracted driving which is driven by heavy cellphone use by drivers behind the wheel.

"Distracted driving is, has and I'm sure will continue to be a concern and a problem on Missouri's roadways," Angle said. "I mean, anytime someone doesn't give 100 percent of their attention to the job of driving, bad things can happen. We all know the distraction of cellphones especially."

Troop H also conducted a couple of 'Click It or Ticket' Operations on March 19 and 25, covering Andrew, Buchanan, Daviess and DeKalb counties. These two operations led to a combined 36 citations, including nine seatbelt violations.

Troopers also issued a combined 77 warnings in those operations as well.

"We're not just looking for (seatbelt) violations," said Angle. "We're going to enforce all traffic laws when those officers are out there saturating those counties. With the Click It or Ticket Operation, it's the same goal - enforcement action and to bring awareness."

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