Feb 08, 2024

House Democrats Draw Lines on Farm Bill Priorities

Posted Feb 08, 2024 5:00 PM

House Agriculture Committee Democrats published a memo Wednesday laying out the principles the next farm bill should include. The principles outline the requests needed to win support of the House Democratic Caucus, however, draw hard lines against proposals from Republicans.

The principles are distilled from farm bill priorities submitted by Democratic Members across the Caucus and represent the shared values of House Democrats, including protecting Inflation Reduction Act climate investments and SNAP.

Ranking member David Scott of Georgia says, "After months of Republican discord and disorder delaying the passage of the farm bill, the principles document presents an honest assessment of where House Democrats are on farm bill policy."

Scott believes the principles offer Republicans an "unambiguous and straightforward path to passing a strong, effective, and bipartisan farm bill." According to the Democratic principles, the farm bill must reduce hunger, strengthen America's farmers, and invest in sustainable agriculture, among other issues.