Apr 22, 2024

EPA issues waiver for E15 sales

Posted Apr 22, 2024 8:53 PM

The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing an emergency fuel waiver to allow E15 gasoline to be sold during the summer driving season.

The agency says the move will provide communities with relief at the pump from ongoing market supply issues created by the ongoing Ukraine war and conflict in the Middle East by increasing the fuel supply and offering a variety of fuel blends that consumers can choose from. “EPA is taking action to ensure that American consumers have more choices at the pump,” says Administrator Michael Regan. “Allowing E15 sales during the summer driving season will increase fuel supply while supporting American farmers, strengthening our nation’s energy security, and providing relief to drivers across the country.”

Current estimates indicate that on average, E15 is about 25 cents a gallon cheaper than E10. The Clean Air Act allows the EPA administrator to temporarily waive certain fuel requirements to address shortages.