Jul 30, 2020 6:10 PM

Northwest Missouri State gives update on football season tickets

Posted Jul 30, 2020 6:10 PM

With everything going on regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, athletics, and season tickets for the upcoming football season, we wanted to provide our season ticket holders and fans an update.

We have made two decisions regarding this fall's season ticket process:

We are extending the renewal period deadline until August 14, 2020. We are expecting to have more information and data to determine the fate of the fall football season in the next two weeks. Extending the deadline to complete renewals we believe gives everyone a better opportunity to make a decision that is the best for them in regard to re-upping their seats or not.

Fall 2020 Seating will NOT determine 2021 Seating. We have also made the decision that season-ticket holders who do NOT renew their tickets this fall will NOT be giving up the rights to their seats permanently and will have the opportunity to re-purchase them next season (Fall 2021). We have decided that we will "throw out" the 2020 seating chart and revert back to the 2019 seating chart when it comes time to rollover for the 2021 season. This should alleviate angst that our fans are having when it comes to personal safety and convenience due to implications of the pandemic. We are trending toward having to adjust seating arrangements this fall to maintain social distancing and other measures anyway, so we cannot guarantee that anyone will get to sit in their normal seat this fall regardless. We have not completed that plan as of yet, but will communicate it as soon as it is done and vetted with our health and safety team, the MIAA office and our other MIAA competitors.

We hope that these decisions help and provide a little more light on the current situation. However, we ask that everyone appreciate, understand, and know that it will change again in the next two weeks…so we are continuing to ask for grace and understanding as we try to navigate through the fog.

Finally, our team is also working with our finance team and the Foundation to determine options for refunds should the season be canceled. We will reach out and be in contact with you once that plan is completed as well.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our Northwest football program, the Bearcat Booster Club and Bearcat Athletics.

All the best,
Andy Peterson
Director of Athletics

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