Apr 23, 2024

USDA/NASS Weekly crop progress report

Posted Apr 23, 2024 5:32 PM

The USDA national ag statistics service released its weekly crop progress report on Monday. The winter wheat crop's good-to-excellent condition rating dropped 5 percentage points nationwide last week, likely due to dry conditions and possible frost damage in some areas, Meanwhile, corn and planting progress continued ahead of their five-year average paces last week.

A stretch of wetter weather forecast to begin this week and continue into early May could flip the situation, though, with winter wheat benefiting from the moisture but row-crop planting facing some delays.


Planting progress: Corn planting moved ahead 6 percentage points last week to reach 12% complete nationwide as of Sunday. That's now equal to last year's progress and 2 points ahead of the five-year average of 10%. Texas corn is 68% planted and Missouri is 47% done, while major corn-producing states Iowa and Illinois are 13% and 11%, respectively.


Planting progress: 8% of soybeans were planted nationwide as of Sunday. That is equal to last year's pace and is 4 percentage points ahead of the five-year average. Louisiana's soybean crop is 42% planted compared to the average of just 25%, and Mississippi is 28% planted, that is 5 percentage points above the average. Illinois is 11% planted, and Iowa is just 8% planted.


Crop development: 17% of winter wheat was headed as of Sunday. That is 1 point ahead of last year and 4 points ahead of the five-year average of 13%.

Crop condition: 50% of the crop was rated in good-to-excellent condition, down 5% from the previous week but still up from 26% a year ago. Sixteen percent of the crop was rated very poor to poor, down from 41% a year ago. Major winter wheat producer Illinois' crop is rated 83% good to excellent, with Kansas' crop at 36% good to excellent and 26% rated poor to very poor.


Planting progress: 15% of spring wheat was planted as of Sunday, 11 points head of last year and 5 points ahead of the five-year average. Washington's spring wheat is 60% planted, and Idaho is 55% planted, Minnesota is 18% planted, well ahead of its 3% average, while North Dakota is just 7% planted. South Dakota, at 40% planted, is well ahead of its 21% average.