Jul 22, 2021 2:00 PM

Continued donations are needed for K-9 Max's memorial

Posted Jul 22, 2021 2:00 PM


St. Joseph Post 

Raising money for a memorial for K-9 Max is running a little slower than planned. 

The community foundations fund, and the Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory’s memorial fund are working together to raise enough funds for a memorial statue of Max.  

Former banker Bob Dempster says the two organizations have raised $7,500 so far but their goal is to raise $20,000.  

“If we do raise the $20,000 and the sculpture comes in below that, the money gets sent to either the Police FOP or the animal shelter,” Dempster tells St. Joseph Post.  

Dempster says even though the goal of $20,000 dollars has not been reached yet, he is pleased with any fundraising received.  

“In this particular case, you know you’re assisting the memorialization of Max,” says Dempster. “You’re assisting the officer and the police department.”  

Dempster says this has made the community more aware of how dangerous police work can be and the public has responded to Max’s death.  

“I think the out pouring of support verbally, visually and monetarily has been fantastic,” says Dempster. “I think the community has gotten a new perspective on the value of the K-9 program.” 

$12,500 still needs to be raised to meet the goal. Dempster says he will continue working on fundraising for the next couple of weeks.