May 12, 2022

Patrol wants motorists to take precautions with hot weather bringing out motorcyclists

Posted May 12, 2022 4:30 PM


St. Joseph Post 

The weather is continuing to warm up which means motorcyclists are beginning to pull out their bikes once again.  

Sergeant Shane Hux with Troop H in St. Joseph says the warmer weather does bring an uptick of motorcyclists on the road.  

"Especially around the holidays you will see some motorcycle runs where they do like poker runs and things like that, large groups of them, where they get out and just enjoy the nice weather," Hux tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. "And, most motorcycle enthusiasts are very passionate about it and they enjoy it, so you will see an uptick in motorcycle traffic." 

Hux says motorcycles are hard to see while you are out driving.  

"So, what I would recommend is you take the extra couple of seconds and look both ways and just be on the lookout for motorcycle traffic," Hux explains. 

Hux adds many motorcyclists have the mindset that they can't be seen while riding. 

"So, they are normally more of a defensive driver," he says. "So, every time they pull out or see a car merging in front of them, most of them have the mindset that the driver does not see them." 

Hux says many motorcyclists will have a headlight on their bikes or wear reflective clothing to make it easier to be seen by other drivers.  

Hux says with Missouri's helmet law being repealed, the number of motorcycle riders wearing helmets is about 50-50. 

"Whether or not people have a helmet on, the ones that don't that's their option, that's the way that the law is written, and they can definitely do that legally," Hux points out. "But we still see some that are not required to wear a helmet but yet they still choose to do so for their safety." 

Riders who choose not to wear a helmet must be at least 26 and are also required to have health insurance.